Estate Water Features


Lake Geneva Wisconsin

For this renovation of an historic hillside landscape, ACS and water garden designer Anthony Archer-Wills created a series of ponds, waterfalls and streams following the natural flow of the site.  Photos show the 175’ x 150’ reflective pond; two smaller ponds flow from waterfalls built at the top of the hill, near the estate’s entrance.  A small grotto behind one of the waterfalls was built for children; the estate owner then requested an adult-size grotto for entertaining.  Situated behind the tall waterfall, the 22’ L x 12’ W x 9’ H grotto was created with limestone sitting ledges, stalactites and stalagmites complete with electricity and natural light sources.



Mountain Retreats Colorado

Steamboat Springs

A three-quarter acre, clay-lined trout pond re-circulates water to a hillside waterfall; water then flows into a 300’ stream that wraps around the entire home, and returns back to the pond. 

Beaver Creek

This waterfall in the Colorado Rockies was designed to run year-round, thanks to a heated concrete substructure.  Photos show views during summer and winter.