Residential Koi Ponds


Chinese Pagoda Garden

For this spectacular Chinese pagoda garden, ACS designed and built the surrounding 16,000 gallon koi pond, water garden and three waterfalls. Stone selection and placement for an Asian garden is key – ACS hand-selected every single stone including the traditional scholar rocks, positioned near pathways and for key focal areas as well as the one-of-a-kind, long, weathered bridge stone seen in these photos. 









Rhinebeck New York

A focal point for an estate garden, this 14,000 gallon, formal koi pond was designed to ensure constant water clarity with very little maintenance required.  It features a fully automated biological filtration system, with integrated ozone and UV sterilizers.




Gainesville Florida

What was once a plain backyard lawn comes alive with water, right up to the living space!  Photos, before and after, show the dramatic environment and intimate spaces that can be created with water.  Two cantilevered decks are set on rock outcroppings, enhancing the natural look.  Likewise, two waterfalls were designed to be seen only from certain ‘destinations,’ making this pond personal and interactive.